EXPLORER STAR F45/THULE 5002,5003,4900

Presentamos uno de nuestros Explorer más lujosos. Gran visera frontal para proteger del sol y la lluvia, cuatro prácticas puertas frontales y también laterales.


EXPLORER STAR F45/THULE 5002,5003,4900

Introducing one of our most luxurious Explorer. Large front visor to protect from the sun and the rain, four practical doors on the front panel and also on the side panels , completely removable panels by parts, permanent ventilation on the side panels.

Fast Clip- Clip&go para Explorer Classic-Concept-Star Possibility of converting the front and sides into balcony . Side windows with large mosquito nets . FAST CLIP - CLIP&GOMade entirely in PVA breathable fabric, lightweight and very durable . All these details make the Star a remarkable Explorer to enjoy camping with luxury.


Caracteristicas Explorer Classic-concept-star


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Floor Aerotex

Floor Aerotex

Floors green 30 x 30

Floors green 30 x 30

EXPLORER CONCEPT F45 / THULE 5002, 5003, 4900

The new concept on tents for awnings!. We have added to the specifications of our traditional Explorer

PANDORA 230 X 140cm

Rear window on one side for easy placement of your furniture, refrigerator, etc while keeping ventilation.

ARMONIA 190 X 140cm

The most complete small kitchen tent. You will enjoy the great ventilation and the big available space inside.


El Icaro es uno de nuestros avancés más po­pulares. Ahora en 250 cm. de profundidad que dan un espacio suficiente para la familia al completo.