Kitchen tents and Storage tents

Kitchen tents and Storage tents storerooms

STORAGE TITAN 230 X 140 cm

Everything can be stored and well maintained now. Big size front door to allow an easy access to store your bicycles, tools, etc. Now available with a window with mosquito net.

ARMONIA 190 X 140cm

The most complete small kitchen tent. You will enjoy the great ventilation and the big available space inside.

RONDA 150 x 120 cm

The Ronda offers a separate space for cooking or storage. Practical, lightweight, economical, robust and quick to assemble the Ronda is a quality product at the best possible price.

PANDORA 230 X 140cm

Rear window on one side for easy placement of your furniture, refrigerator, etc while keeping ventilation.

IONA 280 X 200 cm

Space (with its dimensions you can cook without limits), light (its large windows illuminate your flavors), attractive design with a wide door on the front and covers in all windows.

LOIRA 180 X 140 cm

Our new kitchen tent now even more useful. The new front panel makes it one of the most modern on the market. You can open the front door on the right side, on the left side (according to your needs) or just remove the complete front panel so you get a better accessibility and fresh air.

SPACE 280X 140cm

Big size while practical. Spacious inside, you will feel like at your home kitchen.